Remote Control Problems :-

It seems that only every 6 months my remote control for my Parsound Z-pre will sometimes "actup" and not adjsut the volume everytime you press the buttons. Or It takes like 5 times to change inputs on the pre-amp. I changed the batteries out with new ones and still does it. Then, mysteriously, the problems goes away and never comes back for a great while.

Anyoen have a Scientific Explanation?

Should I get a new remote from Parasound?
As a suggestion; unplug the unit for about 3 minutes.See if that helps.-----Also another trick that has worked: Reverse the battery direction.Push any one button--Then reinsert the batteries in the correct direction.
Make sure your remote's infrared transmission lenses and your preamps sensor surface are clean. Also, too much ambient infrared light can obscure or confuse the preamps reception of the remote's signal. I assume your preamp is never starved for correct voltage -- a low voltage supply (brown out?) could impact the sensor circuit. Otherwise, sounds like you should consider sending the remote and preamp in for service. Good luck.
One suggestion is check for "reflective surfaces" sometimes an "IR" signal will duplicate due to reflection and cause a cancelling of the signal, thus as if no signal was transmitted.