CD Player with volume control to drive my Nuforces

Just for fun, I want to try a CD player with volume control (analog if it's possible), to drive directly my Nuforces Ref9 V2. I think in 3 options: Audio Aero Capitole Reference, Ayon CD-2, Cary 303-300 or other with volume control ( Like the 308).....

I usually listen to all kind of music (rock, pop, electronic, fusion, bosa, jazz, but not classical !!).

My system is:

- Dynaudio Confidence C2 (cable Analysis Plus Oval 8)

- Nuforce Ref 9 V2 (JPS Superconductor Q IC's)

- ModWright SWL 9.0 SE Linestage

- And the sources are:

1) Macbook connected trough a Polestar USB cable to Havanna DAC USB (with Modded Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval IC's).

2) Modiffied Oppo 981 HD as transport, connected trough a Nordost Silver Shadow Coax with the CI Audio VDA-2 DAC plus VAC-1 Power Suply.
If u want something that will not cost a fortune try one of the Dynaco players CDV-2 or CDV Pro ... vacuum tube output, analog volume ... very nice players but only available used and getting rare
Resolution Audio Opus 21. I believe the older RA models have volume control too, less pricey.
McIntosh MCD500, or 301, or 201. The 201 is the cheapest, while the 500 is the most expensive and many Mc lovers speak highly of this unit as far as DAC and volume control abilities. Analog volume control.

Levinson 39 also has analog volume control.
I've owned the following players with VC built-in:

Theta Miles (balanced)
Cary CD-308
Quad 99 CD-P
Quad 99 CD-P2
Musical Fidelity CD-pre 24
EVS level-2 mod'd Oppo 970

I've also owned the following DACs w/built-in VC:

Birdland Odeon Lite
Monarchy Model 33

I'm currently using the Oppo 970 mod'd by Ric Shultze at EVS. The VC in the Oppos is digital, so you do lose resolution as you lower the volume. However, it hasn't really bothered me since I have low powered amps and keep the volume control up pretty high.

If you are just curious, hook up you Oppo direct to the amps. Don't forget to turn down the volume using the buttons on the remote before you turn on the amps. BTW, this is true with any CD-Amp direct connection. If you aren't careful, you'll blow something up, and it may be your ears (or worse yet, your speakers!).


Cary 300/303 would be perfect plus you can't best the price on the used market.
Thank's for your answers guys.

I really don't like the sound of the Oppos, I use it only as transport for the CI Audio (and a Classe CDP is a far better matching transport). I'm searching for a better source with tubed output, under 5000 USD new or used. I've auditioned the Ayon CD-2 and it sounds great, but is volume control is digital, not analog like the Carys or the Audio Aero.