It's got a good beat... and you can dance to it.
Those were the days.
Are we supposed to guess what tune you're referring to?
RIP Dick Clark.
Yes, that was funny.
RIP Dick Clark.

And Levon Helm.

Big fan of both.
I think they'd give you the boot if you said: Dick that song sucked! It had no beat and I couldn't dance to it. Although I don't think "sucked" was in common usage then.
And later I thought Paul Revere and the Raiders actually did suck. So yes, I guess I do remember.
I was commenting on the original post and not Dick Clarks death. I wrongfully associated the phrase with the Gong Show judges statements regarding contestants.

As Mingus said, "If you're going to make a mistake, make it loud".

My apologies and RIP Mr. Clark.