Reimer Wind River GSs

Anyone heard these? Sounds intriguing from the ads on Audiogon--earlier version well reviewed in old Audio Musings. Appear to have lots of bang for the buck. Thoughts/advice/psychiatric help?
I haven't heard the bigger models, but I have a pair of Reimer McCullough that I have been VERY happy with for years. They are great speakers, but they don't put much effort into marketing (except for the east coast dealer who has been running ads here at Audiogon).
I've only heard the McCullough GS but can say Rick Reimer knows what he is doing. Call Rick himself. His number is on the website. He's interesting to talk to and you may learn something. The one thing you will realize is he's passionate about speaker design and has tried every part in the world until he came up with the best sound(ask him about the "cheap" speaker terminals).

Disclaimer...I have nothing to do with any dealer or Rick himself. I don't even own his speakers, I'm just a huge fan.
I've heard the Wind Rivers and have owned the larger Tetons for about 6 months. There are a few of us Teton owners here in Audiogon who have commented on them in other discussion threads - always extremely favorably. While the Wind Rivers may seem like small versions of the Tetons, they are by no means small loudspeakers, and put out a very large impressive sound, with wide deep soundstage and great imaging, excellent detail, and quite prodigious bass when it's called for. And, most importantly, they're very musical. I would be happy to host a Teton-listening session for you. Do you live anywhere near north-central New Jersey?
Tetons ROCK, windrivers are a bargain
Thanks for the votes of confidence in the Reimer speakers. Guess I should go listen. Patchogue, LI here I come. Thanks again. Best. Jamie

This might interest you. It was a gathering of the "New York Rave" audiophile club over at Neils (Clearsound)
Those are the Tetons that you would be listening to.
You'll find Neil a wonderful guy to deal with.