Reimer Wind River did not sell...

Seems the "full range" Wind River did not sell.
Which leads me to conclude that after 8000 views!!!, folks are aware that a bunch of drivers in a cabinet does NOT = "superior" sound. The description did not even state the drivers used in the cabinet. Besids, has a ribbon, which is not as emotional as the good ol' tweet.
Tweekerman, under new name, Bartokfan.
I'll have me new speaker kit this summer, Seas/Thor. Still have my ol' Philips.
Reimer makes some great speakers, but does absolutely no marketing, so (unfortunately) no one knows anything about them.
I'm sure they are a nice speaker. However, we all know now that they aren't going to get $3600 new. Maybe a little overexposure on audiogon's front page!
I have Reimer's Teton GS speakers which use the same drivers and ribbon tweeter as the Wind River except it is a larger speaker and utilizes 2 woofers. The sound of this speaker is incredibly life like. I replaced a pair of $10M name brand speakers with these and have never looked back. They are also very effecient at 94db and mate well with low powered tube amps. IMHO these speakers are a steal at the price you can get them for.
I replaced a pair of $10M name brand speakers
Are you foisting Roman numerals on us? Why not be conventional and use "k" for 1000?

I've had a pair of the Wind River GSs for a little over 2 years and I love them. They have an outstanding soundstage both side-to-side and front-to-back, they image very well, they absolutely disappear, they have great bass and are a pleasure to look at. Prior to buying them I auditioned Montanas, Coincidents, Osborns, B&W, Magnepans and Merlins (with the BAM.) None moved me the way the Reimers did. Over the last two years I've listened to a number of single drivers and horns (mostly at the recent VSAC in Washington state) and while I was impressed with Edgarhorn, Rethm and Cain&Cain, nothing has inspired me to move from the Wind Rivers. In fact, as I have upgraded my electronics over the past two years, I like the speakers more and more.

As mentioned above, Rick Reimer has had very little exposure yet produces an excellent product. I wish more people could hear them. Plus, Rick is a wonderful guy who will talk about speaker and crossover design for as long as you might want to discuss it.

Bill Devaux
Metralla, the M designation in most business usage ralted to quantity designates 1000 and the MM designation represents 1,000,000.
Reimer Wind River Did Sell -- through ad, not auction, a few actually...
Some of the fine folks that already posted here asked me what I thought of the initial post. Actually I think its kind of funny and sad at the same time. One must take it from whom it comes, someone with no feedback, no sales, no other posts, no purchases, never heard a Reimer speaker, knows nothing about them, yet decides to post something so ridiculous? Still has philips? a kit speaker he will get?What could be the motivation and misuse of a discussion forum? Kind of sad someone would use a helpful place like these forums to vent who knows what... Who cares.... The people that Have Heard Reimers know how good they are and really enjoy them. That is obvious from all the replies. Thanks for your continued support of this fine loudspeaker.
Enjoy the music!
Look the best sounding speaker HAS the best sounding drivers ,correct? Well sure correct. How ELSE could it be? Thus its well known Seas makes the best drivers, some say Scanning, but others say, over priced. Others may disagree, but its my opinion, my 2 cents. Hey if you want big sound go Reimer, otherwise go Seas.
I am sorry Bartokfan, but you really do not know what you are talking about. You should try listening to the Reimers before you make assumptions and accusations of regarding their quality.