Reimer speakers

I'm considering the Reimer Wind River GS and matching center channel (and maybe surrounds) for my HT system, but have never had a chance to listen to any of Rick Reimer's products. Are there any Reimer owners out there in the SE Wisconsin/NE Illinois area that might be able to let me have a listen? Thanks.

Bill, I have the Tetons, in fact they are for sale, I am getting a custom made pair in a few weeks. I live in the northshore of Chi. Email me your # and we can arrange a listen.

I am nowhere near you, but I just received my Wind Rivers and matching center channel.... Go for it.
The Craftmanship is excellent, and the sound is better. I am told it will just get better after they break in. Had zingali overture speakers and center before. The Zingali's Had a 10/10 WAF, but cannot match the "complete and accurate" (I suck at adjectives) sound of the WR's.
E mail me if you have any further questions.