rega rb300 wire

Hi, My red cable on my rega arm is dead, I check it with multitester. How expensive is to replace the wiring with rega standard wire? Is rega dealer can fix this problem?

I'd recommend using up-market wire for the RB300. They are not known for the greatest wire, and could benefit from something better, if you have to replace it anyway. Origin Live and Expressimo have some, as well as Incognito.
I have a rewired RB300 on my Linn Sondek Lingo and I absolutely agree with TWl. All the usual clich├ęs apply--you will not be disappointed, et cetera--if you upgrade your arm wire. This is a heaven-sent opportunity, either to improve your sound or to get out of vinyl and sell me all your records.
This is agood time to upgrade to the INCOGNITO cable available through Lauerman Imports or Music Direct found at
I added it to my RB600 and big difference also you get a seperate ground lead that helps in RFI and EMI elimination expect to pay about 250
thanks guys,
How about the installation?
Is it complicated?
Yes. If you've never re-wired a tonearm, better let the dealer do it for you.