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Mark Levinson 433 Pop sound
One more thing, the preamp needs to be turned off first then the amp right after. Then there is absolutely no pops. I'm planning to use the Niles 12V remote trigger and create a delay sequence on the harmony remote. Hopefully that would completely... 
Mark Levinson 433 Pop sound
Exactly! and the wife agrees... =)Probably will wait until this fall for DTS:X 
Mark Levinson 433 Pop sound
The pop is gone. Try a balance preamp and xlr this morning and the on and off pop sound disappear. Thanks everyone. 
Mark Levinson 433 Pop sound
I tried the shorting straps last night, and it helps. No popping sound when going from standby to on. Still have the popping sound when going to standby. Next I will try to use xlr, but first I have to get a balance preamp... 
Mark Levinson 433 Pop sound
I still get popping sound from all channels no matter which sequences I used.Do you know any method to minimized this? Worried that it might damage the tweeters.Mark levinson tech told me that this might be because I use unbalanced connection to t... 
Levinson 432/436 turn on 'pop'
CjwessingDid you solved this issue? I have the same exact issue running unbalanced IC. No pop if I disconnected all IC from the amp. Did Cardas shorting straps solve it? Thanks 
Conrad johnson pv10b to M&K subwoofer
It does a L/R input in the subs. Would that damage my pre or amp by doing the Y? 
Proac 1SC and Mark Levinson No. 27-good match?
Should try tube/SET amp along with 1SC... I pair it with CJ 11A works really nice. Just a thought... 
Upgrade speaker or analog source?
Thanks Rene for the response.Right now I'm a little bit leaning to upgrad my proac, I need mo "ommph" and punch on the low freq/midbass. Is proac 2.5 will solve this problem and still have the same mid and high with 1SC? I actually like the midran... 
Too much
How can I lower the VTA on rega arm?I just notice this problem on the thicker vinyl (200 gram) like norah jones. Isn't that reverse that what you suggested?I'll check the tracking force.. Thanks 
rega rb300 wire
thanks guys, How about the installation?Is it complicated? 
cdp for proac 1 sc
thanks for the replies guys and I agree with you guys... I'm thinking to upgrade the amp too.. but right now I'm using a cheap cheap pioneer dvd player for my source (a 4 lbs dvd player) I don't know if that good enough but I assume that has to go...