teflon tape and rega RB300 arm

Hello everyone. Has anyone here tried wrapping a Rega rb300 arm with teflon tape to reduce resonance ? waste of time of beneficial ? I am looking for some cheap tweaks, upgrades to my Rega RP5, thanks for any input.
If you don't mind taking the arm apart, use 3:1 heat shrinking tube around the arm tube and heat it up to fit snuggly.
I use the Teflon tape tweak on my Linn Basic arm and the result is very beneficial; a noticeable reduction of resonance. BUT, the Linn is a low mass arm and I don't think the rb300 is, so results may vary.

The only drawback for me is the tonearm now is kind of ugly, but makes for a good topic of conversation.
Why not use premium grade vinyl electrical tape? I have also heard about people using liquid paper to damp tone arms.
I could have used pure silicon tape, or 3m 33 electrical tape but did not want to add extra weight, the teflon is much lower in weight than other tapes.
It's the weight that provides the damping. Not sure if teflon tape has the right damping properties. The good thing, it cost almost nothing to give it a try.
The Teflon tape has no adhesive, so that's a reason to give it a try. The recommendation that I found online is that you wrap the rear 2/3 of the tonearm and not close to the headshell. That way you wont add weight to the cart.
Goo Gone can safely remove tape residue without affecting the underlying paint/finish of the arm....if you decide to try an adhesive tape approach.