Rega Planar 3

I currently have a Dual CS5000, runs perfectly with no issues. Cart is Ortofon M2 Black (on order). There is a Rega Planar 3 with RB300 available close to me, very good condition, about 12 years old, all original packaging, no tweeks.

Would there be an appreciable upgrade in sound, or should I wait until I can afford a newer Rega3?


The arm is certainly better. Will you hear a difference? Only you can answer that. 12 years old? It should be priced below 50% of original retail. Good luck.

I own a Dual "Golden One" (a fancy CS5000) with a Shure V15Vmr and a Rega3 with Magneplanar Umni arm, with a Dynavector Ruby23.
I would say you will find more upgrading to a better cart. than in a different table at the price range you are in.
Save your money.
Thanks for the responses so far. Elizabeth, that is kind of where I was thinking, what the Dual was for it's time is where I feel the lower end Regas are now, and I was wondering if there would be a big difference. However, I have been out of vinyl for while and was curious if the new mid range tables have improved to be 'better' than older mid range stuff. Well, mid is a relative term, in my wallet that means $500-800 or so, not including cart.