Suggestion for phono preamp in sub 2k price to complement Rega Planar 8 with Apheta 3 MC

Just got a good deal on a new Rega Planar 8 with Apheta 3 cartridge. I have a vintage preamp that has a MC input but is spec’d for a lower output MC back in the ‘70s. I also want to be able to have the flexibility in settings if/when I change out the cartridge.

I’ve looked at the PS Audio phono preamp and the Manley Chinook both seem well reviewed. Any others I should be considering and I’m not opposed to buying used.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide. 
I use a Herron vtph-2A with a Rega RP-10 and Apheta 2. Fantastic. Would be very near your range used.
Look into the Gold Note PH10 it's extremely flexible and sounds wonderful. I got one new for under 1300 add the power supply and you're at around the 2k mark. I think it will impress.
The Chinook is an excellent unit.  Very full bodied and has lots of loading options.  The only thing I don't like about it is having to remove the cover to change gain settings.  If you stick with one cart (or type of cart), this isn't a big deal.  
At that price range, as alternatives to what is already mentioned, I would look at the Rogue Ares which is an amazing unit for the money.  For SS, I would look at the Chord Huei.  

Both represent strong values and deliver performance ahead of their competitive set like the Manley.  I haven't hear the PS Audio.  

These are uncommon, but if you can find a use Art Audio Vinyl One, it is a fantastic unit.  They don't come up used that often though.  
@wlutke Hadn’t heard of the the Herron, I’ll take a look, glad to hear its a good fit for the Rega. Thanks for the response.
@rsf507 Thanks for  your response. Another preamp I hadn’t heard of but will do some research on it. Appreciate the suggestion.
@big_greg Thanks for mentioning removing the cover, shouldn’t be an issue since I don’t plan on swapping the cartridge out frequently.
Unfortunately just missed a good deal on a used Chinook! 
@verdantaudio I’ve seen the Rogue Ares but don’t know much about it. I’ll do some research into those you mentioned. Thanks for the input.
@revreed if you do a search in Positive-feedback online you will find 3 or 4 reviews on the GN PH10.
Happy reading
@photomax, was considering the Aria but other units appeared more flexible? Not sure.

@bobedwards101 I’ll check out the AVA hadn’t come across that one.

@au_lait doesn’t look like they are distributed in the US. I forgot to mention my locale in the original post. The unit does look appealing though.
I’ve owned the Chinook and the PS Audio.  High marks for both; I recommended the Chinook to my father recently for his MM.  Chinook does give you what you want from tubes, and the PSA gives you what you want from SS, with a hint of tubiness.  But for MC I have to give the nod to the PS Audio based on the ease of switching gain and load settings on the fly with a remote.  That is more than just a convenience; it allows you to judge the best load from your listening position.  I loved the Chinook with an MM cart, but had trouble dialing it in with an MC.  (That said, I’ve moved back to a tube phonostage, but it cost me).  
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I have a Manley Chinook Special Edition, available only from Upscale Audio (easy to find via web search).  They have a very close relation with Manley and sell more Chinook than any dealer in the country.  You can contact them and learn a lot of information about the Chinook and about the Special Edition.  Ask for Kat, she is awesome with analogue products.  I can't say enough good things about the sonic qualities and the value the Chinook provides.  I recently upgraded to the Rega Planar 10 and it is a wonderful pair, that and the Chinook.  Presently using a Lyra Delos MC cartridge with this setup.  Wow! 
Good luck on your quest.  And do enjoy the music.
@jrw1971 Thanks for the comparison, I was originally looking at the Rega Aria to stay in the same family. I was then headed down the PS Audio path after reading goods reviews on it. The switching via remote while seated listening is compelling.

@jorgjean Thanks and the Aria was where I started my search, still might end up there due to lower cost on a used one.

@mammothguy54 I recently watch Kevin’s video in the MC SE. This gonna be a tough decision as I also have other recommendations to research. Thanks for your input.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions, all great phono preamps I’m sure. To start with I just got a good deal on a Rega Aria so I will start with that as a reference. Then I’m gonna try the PS Audio on loan, and the Graham Slee on loaner to start my journey. 
Thanks again everyone. A’gon always a great source of advice!