Turntable choice: Thorens TD145 or Rega Planar 2

I'm interested in getting an used turnatable for my system. I primarily listen to CDs, but do have a few albums which I would like to be able to listen to on occasion when I'm in an analog mood... Also, I will probably want to cut these few albums I have onto CD at some point.

It's been a long time since I was into tables and I'm not interested in getting into the scene again, but do want to buy intelligently (read: quality on the cheap). I used to have a Thorens TD166 MkII with a medium level Grado cartridge and liked it fine. So when I found a Thorens TD145 for sale cheap my interest is piqued. I believe this is a "MkI" model. The unit is apparently in good shape and has been serviced with a new belt about 500 hours ago. It comes with a newish Stanton cartridge. The owner says it works great, but has begun to produce a hum lately and is not sure what the trouble is. I assume it's somthing simple, but perhaps not.

At the same time I found a Rega Planar 2 for sale at roughly twice the price, but still JUST within my price range. Again, supposed to have been recently serviced and works great with no known problems. I'm not sure on the cartridge yet.

The Thorens is roughly 20 years old. I'm not sure about the Rega, but I have to assume first generation because it looks quite different cosmetically from the others I have seen.

Comments? Suggestions? Advice? Requests for more info?
All appreciated...

Religious views? Supposition? Heard it from a friend? Audio Voodoo? Thanks, but just the facts maam'...

As a side consideration, I would likely want to replace the dust cover on either of these units. I assume it will be roughly impossible for the Thorens, but anyone know about the Rega?

Frankly, I'd get an old Dual, Rek-o-kut or even a Garrard for under $100 and run them into the ground. Unless, you have more $$ for at least a Rega 3, I wouldn't bother with either of those tables.
Nothing wrong with the Rega 2, very good value for the money. If anyone thinks any of the three mentioned above are better buys for the money, well I think thats kinda sad. Should be able to get dustcovbers for either of them if you look, write Rega, that si easy enough, Thorens is having some distribution problems, but you shuld still be able to get one.
The hum on the Thorens may not be that easy to repair if the tone arm wires are compromised inside the arm. It may just be the external ground wire (which is attached to either the right or left channel IC, can't remember which) and if this is the case you could repair it yourself if you can solder (just remove the silver plastic casing on the bottom of the table, which is right under the arm, and you can check it out). Even the stock tonearms on old Rega's are better, IMO, than those on Thorens, but then again I prefer Thorens three point suspension. I guess that it would be a wash because of this. I am currently using an old Thorens TD165. I would get the one that functions properly after you check out the hum problem on the TD145 as shop repair could run another $100 on up.
put it this way-the original 145 was introduced in 1974-it went to late 1976, when it was upgraded to 'c' status, the difference being the carbon-fibre arm that detached completely, as opposed to the removabable headshell. So, at best, the table is, what, 26 years old? I know someone who bought the 160 in 1978 (the same table, sans the optical auto-lift at the end), and his hum problem stems from corrosion in the cabling-his solution was an overly expensive re-cabling. The Rega is still made, is simple and easy to use-buy that. The older version used a glass platter-they have now replace it with a metal one that doesn't impress me (the P-3 still uses a glass platter).
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