Rega P5 Benz Micro Glider, Ace, or Stay w/Exact?

I recently purchased a REGA P5 with the EXACT II MM cartridge. When I took my new TT home, I discovered that the volume output was far too low given the output of this cartridge. I just took my TT and cartridge to my local dealer and found that I had a defective cartridge. I have the opportunity of getting a new REGA Exact II cartridge, or changing to a BENZ MICRO Glider, or ACE cartrige for an additional cost of course. I am not sure what to do! I did like the sound of the Exact cartridge, but I am told the performance of the Glider and ACE cartridges will out perform the REGA cartridge! Does anyone have experience with these cartridges? Is my P5 worthy enough for these better cartridges? I listen to a lot of Jazz and some classical. My system components are listed below. Thank you for any recommendations!

Speakers: Wilson Sophia Series 1
Pre-Amp: Ayre Acoustics K-1XE
Amp: Mark Levinson 331
NAD Phono Stage..Next to be upgraded
Cartridge: TBD???
I thought you may have a faulty cartridge. First of all, your P5 is more than worthy - a very fine table especially with the optional TTPSU. I had one before upgrading to the P7. I used the Exact on my P5 and was very happy with it. Since Regas are internally grounded you have to be very careful of cartidge choice. On my P7 I use a Dynavector DV20X-H (my Exact is now a backup cartridge). With most cartridges (besides Regas) you may need to add shims to raise the are to take into account the height difference since Regas do not havea on-the-flt adjustment.
Your P5 is quite worthy, as Miner42 points out. I use an Ace on my P25. It's a very nice combination. It requires a 2mm spacer under the arm. I can't comment on how it compares to the Exact or Glider.
My Rega P3-24 table with the Rega Exact 2 cartridge sings incredibly beautiful music, and I am thrilled with the way this combination sounds. It works great with my system (click on to take a look), and I'm a firm believer in the synergy created with Rega cartridge--Rega arm--Rega table systems approach. Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!
The P-5 is worthy and I would go with the Glider or even higher...
Yeah you gotta do better than the NAD with that set up.
Hi - I have the P5/Exact 2 combo, and once the cartridge broke in, I like the combination. My brother had the Benz on his Nottingham table, and had to send it back as it broke, not from being misused, and he is not getting the best customer service. I have read other negative things about the reliability of the Benz cartridges as well, so I would not recommend them over the Exact 2. I haven't heard the ACE, so won't comment on that.
Well, I wound up purchasing the Benz-Micro Glider SL! I really liked the Exact 2 cartridge aside from the fact it was defective and did not output enough signal! It sounded great, but I had to turn my pre-amp up past 2:00 o'clock to get enough volume! Also, when my dealer removed the cartridge the back plate was totally loose. Very rare from what I hear!

So, after getting home with the new Benz Glider I was happy to hear a much improved performance! The sound stage is much wider and deeper! The bass is slightly thinner, but overall a significant improvment. There is so much more detail! I will say that for the money the Rega Exact 2 was quite good! I just figured that once I upgrade my phono stage that Glider will have greater potential down the road.

I am looking forward to see how the glider will sound when it is broken in fully!

Thanks for all the input! Now, I'm just waiting for my Rega tone-arm shims to arrive to get the VTA closer.
Glad the Benz is working out for you - interesting comments. I do want to try a MC cartridge at some point, but that will have to wait awhile. Enjoy the music!
From my experience with my Benz cartridge, expect a significant improvement in the sound of your Glider around the 50 hour mark or so. It'll keep improving subtly after that, but the first 50 hours is a huge night-and-day improvement - the bass will become more full, the sound overall will get "bigger", in my case there was some of that "s" sibilance at first that disappeared around hour 50...all in all, much more dramatic changes than what I've noticed with any other equipment.

I guess the easiest description would be to say that it improves significantly in refinement throughout the break-in period.
When you upgrade your phono stage I would get the Musical Surroundings Nova Phenomona battery powered phono stage. I recently went from a $4500.00 phono stage/cartridge combo to the Nova and the new Benz Micro Ace L "S" class and have a better sounding setup with plenty of gain and no tube rush noise, "excelent"
I have a P5 and all I listen to is 50-70s jazz. I would also recommend the Dynavector 20XH if that option exists for you.

I have also heard good things about the Benz.