Benz micro glider vs dynavector 20X2

Hi every one I have just listened to couple of suggestions of phono cartridges from 2 local dealers. I am wanting to got to a moving coil but can only afford high output phono cartridges. Don't need or have any money spent on upgrading my preamp phono stage. So do not want suggestions on phono stages or upgrades just the 2 cartridges.

I have been suggested 2 moving coil phono cartridges which are
the Dynavector 20X2 H and the Benz Micro Glider High output version.

My preamp is a cary slp-98p tube single ended triode preamp that can support up to as low as 1.4 millivotlts.

Just wondering which has a better build quality and whats the deferences other then sound. Which is a better value And has anyone had any problems with the Benz. And since I have heard benz has been having some problems with there servicing department. Would it be an issue in the future to have it replace the tip on it. compared to the dynavector?
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Contact Benz and ask them retip time. I have an original Glider and a 20X2m. I would go for the glider. The detail and treble are far superior and the sound is overall more civilized. The Dyna is known for big bass and an organic sound. It can rock. The 2.4 mv Soundsmith Zephyr MKII is in that price range too. Have not heard it but others claim it is killer.
in the past years i would strongly prefer benz over dyna given the fact they're same class.
benz gives exceptional sonic balance and smoothness of non-fatigue performance while dyna is somewhat aggressive but very precise.
I've been using a Glider for the past 17 years, most recently with a Soundsmith ruby cant. I've had it in a few different systems, WTRP and highly modded Thorens, as well as, SS or tubes and have enjoyed the performance it has delivered. That is not to knock the Dyna, as I have zero experience with one, but rather, to reinforce the enjoyable sounds delivered by the Benz. BTW, when it is time to retip send it off to Soundsmith for the work. IMO, the ruby cant improves upon an already solid design.

BTW, if you want to get off on the cheap, a Denon 110 gives you about 85% of what the Glider has to offer. However, that other 15% is well worth the added cost. But it is surprising how well the 110 sounds.
I tried the Low output version of the 20X2. It was in my system for about 3 days before going up for sale. I did not find this to be a neutral cartridge and did not appreciate the dynavector "house sound" at all, I also found that it had trouble reproducing low level detail.

I have a friend that has a benz glider high output, and I can say that it is a phenomenal cartridge. Of course, my only comparison is across systems, but I can say that the Glider H was worlds better in just about every way. Maybe the dyna was more finicky, but no matter what I did I just could not get it to sound right.

Just my 2 cents...Vote for Glider.
While I do agree with Czarivey's assessment of these two cartridges sonic characteristics, I am running a Dynavector XX-2 mk II with my SLP-98P preamp with good success. The warm, sweet SLP-98 works better with the precision of a Dynavector than the extra warmth of the Benz, IMHO. As always, YMMV.
Is the Benz cartridge still available in the US ? And if so, where ?

Well I live in Canada so do not know about the U.S. dealers. My second question is would this out perform my turntable. My turntable is systemdek 2. Which is the round and higher end model with an Oracle Tone Arm.
If you want to know if this cartridge good match, than the answer is Yes.
You can even go for higher performance cartridge as well.
If you want to know if Glider will be upgrade to your current set-up, than what's your current cartridge?
IMO if the Glider is "warm",the 20x is coloured.
I don't agree that the 20x is "accurate" or more accurate than the glider,especially the last version with the MR tip.
I'd say the 20x is a very good "hi-fi" cartridge, the glider is a "music" cartridge.