Rega, Music Hall or VPI

After reading tons of reviews and several threads I've narrowed my turntable options and would like some personal recommendations as this will be my first decent turntable.

I'm considering the following new:

Rega RP1
Music Hall MMF 2.2

The following used:

Rega P2 or an older version P3
Music Hall MM5 or similar
VPI HW-19 or similar

I would consider spending a bit more if I could find a good deal on a used Clearaudio Emotion.

Trying to avoid having to buy a cartridge but would do so for the right deal.

Thanks for the help.
You will need $800. dollars worth of tweeks with the P3. I vote for the VPI HW-19.
Remember reviews are more about entertainment then help. A used VPI is the clear choice of the turntables mentioned. Have you considered a new entry level Thorens or Dual table? On the low end consider a used Denon DP-500 for $300-$400. Add the iconic Denon 103 cartridge(if you have enough gain)and enjoy!!!
How does the enty level Thorens and Dual compare to Rega and Music Hall?

Of the names you mention, get the VPI, definitely!
Take your time and look for a good used HW-19 mkiv. with or without the tonearm, you can buy a good Jelco 250 for 300.00.

w/o tonearm around $600 is a good price for the table
Definitely the VPI from that list with the Mk IV being the best of the lot. Others to consider used are Sota Star or Sapphire, Oracle Delphi or Alexandria MkII or III, Townshend Rock III.
VPI for sure
The Mk IV is in the upper end of the high end. Based on what I know about VPI, it's also easy to upgrade.
I got lucky with a "not particularly well regarded" used Linn Basik/Akito under 500 bucks I've ever spent, and, although it is simple and unsprung, after careful setup (mostly due to following the suggestion of putting it on a low-mass, stable low table after an attempt at sticking it on top of my rack heap...bad idea...) I'm AMAZED at how great it sounds. I'll replace it with something expensive someday...maybe something with a gigantic opaque platter and rubber isolation crap everywhere...
I suggested the Thornes and Dual due to better build quality over the Rega RP-1. Never been of fan of Rega tables they have an unfinished look and feel. The P3 has always sounded thin and hollow, lacking body, weight and warmth. The Music Hall 2.2 could be a great value but the 5.1se appears to be the best sound per $$$ model in the current product line. The Needle Doctor carries Thorens and Quest for Sound has Dual turntables. Both are very respected online dealers and will answer any questions. Good luck.
With VPI, you can go from the HW-19 all the way up the line without buying a new table. They have a clear, easy to follow upgrade path, and from what I know; you can do it yourself, no need to send anything back.
Your first and your last decent table could be Nottingham. No upgrades, no need. I will keep my Spacedeck until I am prepared to spend at least $5k on used table/arm, that's $10k new set-up. Simple, reliable, sounds big and confident.
I am not familiar with Clearaudio.