Rega Jupiter owners, What are you using for Tweaks

I just purchased a Rega Jupiter 2000. The owners manual states that the original feet are all thats needed for the best sound.
I'm not so sure that the Rega feet are the best option.
I would like to hear from the Rega fans with what works best for them.
Also would be interested in anything that you found to work with the Rega Jupiter.
I know that tweaks are different for each system. I would like some ideas. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the always helpful advice.
One of the most common is to Isolate the CDP.I personally use Aurio isolation bearings 1.2's.
At my local dealer all of the Rega CDP are up on bearings.
What a difference.

I have the Rega Planet 2000. You must replace the power cords - the included PCs are terribly grainy, and suck the life out of the sound. I am using Kimber PK-14, and it has made a huge difference.

Of course, interconnects are also very important.
Great question and something I've been curious about as well. I am a big believer in Vibrapods but it made NO difference on my Jupiter 2000. So, those squashy feet on the Jupiter are definitely doing something right! That said, I have to believe that the squashy feet can be improved upon.
I am tempted to try the Mapleshade isolation system (iso-pads, maple block and UltimatePoints) but have been balking at the cost.
Thanks to all who responded to this thread. Greatly appreciated.
Another question with the Rega Jupiter.
Sometimes when I'm playing the music on the loud side, the cd skips. Have any of you had this problem?
Thanks again, Rick.
The only explanation I have for this is that some pretty serious vibrations must be getting to the player. Is your equipment on well isolated stands or is it on an "entertainment center"?
I've tried Vibrapods and a variety of other isolation devices directly inder the Jupiter but have had the most luck with the following combination.

I use 4, #3 Black Diamond Racing Cones placed with the broad base down and the point upward touching the Jupiter. I have each BD racing cone sitting on a - this is really weird, but it works - a $1.49 hard synthetic callus-remover 'sponge' purchased from "Sally's Beauty Supply" (great cheap tweak isolation device, and even comes in our choice of tacky colors - you can get 2-3 'bases' from each 'sponge'). The cone/sponge combination rests on top of a 1" piece of medium density fiberboard - upon which also rests my preamp and turntable - all of which rests on Vibrapods (the standard Vibrapod 'sandwhich'). Finally, I have two pieces of granite with felt on the bottom sitting on top of the Jupiter on either side of the CD trap-door - although any non-metallic weight should do; non-metallic to avoid any potential electromagnetic interference with the Jupiter's processors. All of this makes the Jupiter pretty immune from vibration and yields very powerful and articulate imaging and presentation.
I've tested the BD cones both point up and point down with this setup and the point-up sounds best to me.
I too had that skipping problem on my Planet(s) on higher volumes and solved it by isolating the CDP with a slightly inflated 13" bicycle tube. I tied the tube in the middle to form and oval and it fit nicely under the unit. The feet now sit about a 1/2" off the self. On top of the unit and on either side of the CD trap door place some weight as described by Jgiacalo above. I used lead shot in those small zip-lock bags and then wraped them in black elastic stocking (an aesthetic thing). Have turned up volume and never had a recurring problem.

Good luck,