Kora's Galaxy and Jupiter anybody heard 'em?

i can find almost zero reviews on this very interesting french labs line of amps. i am particularly interested in the 60watt JUPITER and the beautiful GALAXY? tell me what was the associated equipment when heard? i plan to use QUAD 988 with one of KORA's amps.
The Galaxy ROCKS!!! I know it's great, I have one! I compared it to the new Joule Electra Stargate mono amps which list at $5500. The Stargates have more detail info but the Kora's midrange KILLS it. The bass, midrange, and treble of the Kora are equal in quality so that no one area stands out from the rest. At Galaxy's list price of $3250 it has NO peers!!!!!!!!!
i just purchased a used jupiter on audiogon. i am running it with a kora equinoxe pre. i love them both.
I have heard the Kora Galaxy and Cosmos many times. I have heard them in systems containing: Gershman GAP's, Dunlavy Cantata's, KORA preamp and DAC, Audio Note and Audiomeca transports, and either Jena Labs or Valhalla cables. The Galaxy is a supremely musical amplifier. It is very coherent, so no frequency range jumps out at you. The presentation is very detailed, but never sterile or lifeless. Quite the contrary. Soundstage is simply tremendous. Hope this helps.
I tried to create a similar thread but the mods won't approve it. I know this is old, but has ANYONE heard the Jupiter that can comment?