Help with a Kora Galaxy tube amp

My brother just gave me a Kora Galaxy 50wpc tube amp that needs some help. The sockets that hold the EL84M tubes are broken.

I'm pretty handy with the soldering iron so I have no problem replacing the sockets and tubes, but I don't know about biasing the amp once the repairs are made. I guess I was a few years too late going to Navy ET school to learn too much about tubes.

Any Kora experts out there that could walk me through a biasing procedure? I hear they're a bear to bias.

Anyone have or know where I could get an owner's manual for it?

I found an article online about a Joe at JC Audio that seemed to know about them, but I can't find any contact info.

You may as well claim this a total lost. I once owned an Kora Galaxy Reference amp. The bias instruction was so bad and unclear, the amp technically is unbiasable. Before Kora withdrawn from the U.S. market, Kora asked the owners to have it biased at the dealer (sounds like Jadis).

I once had a Kora "expert" trying to bias for me but it never worked right. Total waste of money and time. In the end, my unit went up in fire and that's the end of it.

Good luck
That really doesn't make any sense at all. It either has an adjustment pot for each tube or one for each channel. It's a matter of adjusting the voltage across the cathode resistor. The cathode of that tube is pin 3. An El84 equivalent is a 6BQ5.
The only one in the U.S. who can help you with Kora gear is: Audiogon member: Aball
I had a steal lined up on a Galaxy Ref but passed when I read stories of Kora biasing and lack of support. I'd take Steakster's advice and at least consult with Aball.