Rega Jupiter vs Rotel 991AE vs Marantz CD-17mkII


Im looking for a used Budget player,among these 3
what are your thoughts???

Cannot comment on the Rotel or Marantz ... however, I have truly enjoyed my Rega system. My first source was a Planet then upgraded to the Jupiter approx 4 years ago. They say Rega players are analog sounding ... It gives you exactly what is on the CD. Sonics & quality are clearly demonstrated through a Jupiter.

Often, (I get the bug) and have considered stepping up to one of Rega's newer players, only to realize that I love my current setup and would be disappointed with anything less! FYI - I use all rega componentry (Cursa3 & Exon3's) with Totem Hawk floorstanders.

Good Luck!
Thanks for you response,I too think that the Rega Jupiter
is the best of the Bunch.