Rega Isis??

Just wondering if anyone has heard this player yet?
i have a dealer down the road and i have heard this unit, it is built like a tank, why would it not be, it is so natural sounding that i can not hear any difference from lps on a great table, the one thing i did hear that was immediate, the overall depth of the bottom end was immediate, tight and articulate. the openness was that of lp/table, but with a quieter background and more control. i think it is one of the best redbooks units i have ever heard and that includes some from linn, naim, krell, cary, esoteric. if you have the system to put it into it would be excellent. i heard the unit with the pre and power that goes with the unit. it was with totem speakers which i like alot and tend to be somewhat on the bright side with its tweeter...also heard it with lsa speakers, which is a speaker that is under the radar...hope this helps....boy that unit is expensive..but with a great int. or sperates with a nice room, it is very nice. i heard it with lfd intergrated amp, made in england and only makes amps that i am aware ....with b& w speakers and it was great. i am a big fan of all begin with the source...
Hi Camali,

Having first heard the Rega Isis back in September 2009, I now own one.
At the time of first hearing this I was looking towards vinyl (purchased a 2nd hand deck/arm/cartridge) to obtain the engaging music I had back in the late 80's, I can honestly say that the Isis has more than satisfied this and pursuit of vinyl based system has been put on hold, the 2nd hand deck is now residing in a cupboard gathering dust.


Has anyone compared the Isis Valve unit with the standard Isis?
just upgraded to theREGA ISIS (valve) and REGA OSIRIS

in a nutshell .... now playing in a whole new league
I have owned the Isis for about a year and it is a very analog sounding CDP. Certainly a keeper. Someone who I trust has compared the regular Isis with the newer valve model and he thinks the dynamics are considerable better with the solid state model and perfers it over the valve model. If you are seeking a particular tube sound you might have them in your amp 5 preamp.