S/N Ratio for Rega Brio-R?

I am considering a Rega Brio-R to match with an Apollo-R CD player and a pair of Totem Arros or Ohm Microwalsh SEs.

Interestingly, I can't find the signal-to-noise ratio for the amp in any Rega collateral or industry reviews.

How important is this spec in judging the sound and build quality of the Brio-R?
Not very important I imagine. It's hard to find gear today that is noisy when fed quality electricity. Most current noise issues revolve around dirty electrical feed issues. Different manufacturers may have different signal to noise numbers, but I doubt you would be able to tell which number belonged to which component by listening.
Outside street noises are at much higher levels than noises within audio gear, even in the countryside.
Just listen to it and go by that.
Just bought one and took it back the next day.Very noisy.Picked up a Moon i.5 instead.Whisper quiet.
What kind of speakers do you have?