Rega -Deep Groove Replacement Subplatter

Has anyone tried the Deep Groove all metal with Ruby bearing replacement subplatter for the Rega P2,3 or 25
Turntables? What did you gain? What did you lose?
Thanks Folks, I guess I better place an order, I looked on the web for sellers but it appears music direct is the only distributor unless some knows of another. Always looking for a bargain.
Hi Stefan,
I wasn't referring to speed problems in terms of absolute speed, but rather wow. I think the Regas have a wow problem and the only way to solve it may be to go to a more expensive deck with either a better motor controller, or higher mass platter, or both.
I'm due for an oil change, so I'll try the mobil oil. Is it the synthetic or normal oil they recommend ?
This is the oil that Rega recommends: Comma Hypoid EP80, Castrol EPX80w/90 or Shell Spirax EP90,Do not use more than two drops.To be fair Rega also state that other types of oil than Hypoid gear oil are affected by temperature changes and insist on the recommended oil.In my experience gear oil evaporates fairly quickly,but I am in a much warmer climate than England.The cleaning spirit is specified as a solvent cleaner containing 1.1.1. trichloroethane which is available from R.S Components Ltd.The cleaning is done with bearing/spindle part completely removed from the table and must be properly tightened back in.This is a very elaborate process to have to go through every time your turntable goes off speed.I have found that the tape trick works well for me and I can oil sufficiently without having to worry about it.