Decoupling the Platter from the Subplatter

I have a Pro-Ject RM 6 SB and would like to place a silicone, rubber, cork or other resonance-reducing material between the platter and subplatter. The subplatter is acrylic and the platter is made of a thick 8-pound MDF material with vinyl on the record playing surface. Anyone tried this? Recommendations? Thanks in advance.
the early sorbathane mats worked much better when not used as intended but used as a decouple between sub and platter. Your on the right track but which one silicone,rubber,cork or other will be your decision.
Check out or even better call Herbie's Audio Lab, he has somethings that should work. I would think his Grundgebuster dots may work.
Get some of those little round cork self adhesive feet used to put on the bottom of vases and table lamps to prevent damage to wood surfaces. You can find them in sheets of 12 or so at any hardware store. They worked great between the platter and subplatter on my Expression I when I had one some years ago.