Rega -Deep Groove Replacement Subplatter

Has anyone tried the Deep Groove all metal with Ruby bearing replacement subplatter for the Rega P2,3 or 25
Turntables? What did you gain? What did you lose?

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There's a couple of reviews on audioasylum.

I started a similar thread on another audio board with regard to my P3 and the concensus was that the P3 is engineered to a price point, and the table is difficult to substantially improve without investing money sufficient to have just bought a new table.

My main problem with the P3 is speed stability. Apparently the best way to improve that is to have a new pulley manufactured that can accomodate two belts and forego 45rpm playback. Such a pulley is not commercially available so you'll need a friend in the machining business.

The arm is a different matter.
Hi Stefan,
I wasn't referring to speed problems in terms of absolute speed, but rather wow. I think the Regas have a wow problem and the only way to solve it may be to go to a more expensive deck with either a better motor controller, or higher mass platter, or both.
I'm due for an oil change, so I'll try the mobil oil. Is it the synthetic or normal oil they recommend ?