Can I use a NEW but NON CIRKUS subplatter with a NEW Cirkus bearing ?

I am tweaking my Linn and I have an old (non Cirkus) type subplatter (spare).  It is old style but never used.  So its spindle is pristine and not worn off.

When I look online, the Cirkus upgrade kit is about $600.  This is too expensive.  However, I can find the shaft of the Cirkus (the black part with the thrust plate) brand new for about $100.

So, if I can use my old subplatter with the new bearing, would the dimensions fit ?

I know I may also have to upgrade my subchassis too but I am doing this incrementally so it will take time.


No, it is not dimensionally correct. The Circus bearing being larger. You are not referring to the shaft, as that is part of the sub platter, but to the female part of the bearing.

If you have not yet done so, and you enjoy your LP12 as is, you might want to have a look at folks assessment of the Circus upgrade, both pro and con, before taking that step.

The power supply upgrades seem to be more universally accepted and there are a lot of them for sale on the secondary market.
If you’re patient you can find a used Cirkus bearing/sub platter for under three bills. Regardless of which camp you’re in, all of the sub chassis upgrades require the Cirkus bearing journal which is compatible with the thicker flange. Ive tried most of them and Linn’s own Magik sub chassis with the island that supports the full length of the arm board is, IMO, the most cost effective.
Super points Saburo, very well put.