Refined SS Stereo pwr amps under 10K?

I looking to upgrade from my ARC DS225. considering an Ayre VX-5, what other SS amps under 10k (list price) would provide me great harmonic detail, drive, strong tonal balance and hear deep into the music layers? Yup,I know I'm asking a lot.

The System: Bel Canto DAC3.5MKII with ref power supply and Ref USbB to Spdif converter,(3 separate chassis) via AudioQuest Diamond USB cable, Wireworld Platinum 7 XLR to ML326s Wireworld Platinum 7 XLR to Audio Research DS225, Audience AU24SE speaker cables to Magnepan 3.7i Wired with Synergistic research and Nordost power cords ran to custom power strip incorporating 3 Furutech GTX-D duplexs and one Defender conditioner to a VooDoo power cord to a wall outlet GTX-D
So where do I go to upgrade from the ARC DS225 amp?
If your preamp have balanced output you can try these out as a set of mono blocks. And yes i do make them.

Liberty Audio B2B-100

And there even a couple of reviews out.

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Sunfire 300 or 600. You will stop looking.
Gryphon Diablo (integrated, but serious SOTA quality and I am told very much in the lineage and sound qualities of their larger amps). I am biased as an owner of the Colosseum amp...but it is sensational to have all-out assault pure Class A power, filigreed highs and a purity of tone whose equal I rarely if ever come across. 11K in EU I believe...but not sure about US pricing if its even available.

CJ Premier 350SA (I know you asked for list but they're only avail 2nd hand)
Classe CA2300 is powerful, very refined, neutral with good tonal balance and does a great job revealing layers of musical information. A couple of caveats: it doesn't quite have the inner glow that is unique to a pure Class A amplifier, and the internal fan can be sometimes be heard from close with no music playing (never noticed it with music playing).