Refined 30-60 watt Tube amp

Looking to buy a new lower power amp as i will probably got to much higher efficiency speakers soon. Any suggestions? Budget is about 5 grand and i dont mind buying used. Sp[eakers will be living voice obx-r2s (6ohms 94db)I'd love to buy a Vaic but i just dont have 20 grand. Thanks
Atma-Sphere M-60

additionally, ZERO autoformers probably needed for your 6ohm speakers
how about the used VAC Phi 30/30? or one of the ViVa amps?
If you're going with 94db+ speakers, I would strongly recommend 300SE type amp.
For SOTA design, you can start by looking at something like Border Patrol SE 300B. You can also have custom amp made from Eletra Print ( who also designed the Welbornelabs DRD amps )

This is one great combo 300B SE + hi efficiency. Some folks think this combo is the music in its purist form.

IMHO, even with a cheap EL84 PP, the sonic signature is already better than most of the high power setup.

Good luck
Actually i am very interested in the viva amps but i dont know much about them. Anyone with any experience? Also i am not the biggest fan of the Atmasphere OTLs. I prefer the EL509 tube based OTLs such as the transcendant and custom jobs by guys like george kaye of NYAL fame.
i would consider a 845-powered Viva tube amp. about 26wpc.
BAT VK-75se
The Bat is nice, I used to have one, But i want something a little more neutral, plus the bat still has too much power. Ideal power would be 45 watts.
How about the Kara Chafee designed deHavilland amps?

deHavilland Website

FWIW, I definitely liked what I heard from the GM70. I am trying to think of another design I have heard good things about, but am drawing a blank at the moment.

BTW, how does an amp get any more refined than an Atma-Sphere? With God as my witness, and I don't say that lightly, the first time I heard the M-60 I had the same feeling I had when I met my wife.
45 watts on 94dB speakers is a lot of power. I know they are 6 ohm (? nominal), but damn. That's a lotta power. There are lots of low-medium power (not flea power) SETs that sound more power than they are. It might be due to the serious iron a lot of them have. Totally iron-fist-with-a-velvet-glove-type jobs.
You can find information on the Viva line at Walker Audio. I have no interest in the company. They use a variety of output tubes but the 845 tube Aurora is the most powerful at only 36wpc, however be careful of simple power ratings. Its a very expensive amp. If you've got that kind of money to burn check out the Cary 211. Refined is a tough adjective to define. I am surprised that you thought the BAT was "too" powerful, I like their sound. If you meant too full sounding then consider an SET or OTL as mentioned. I agree that the Atmasphere M60 is about as pure as it gets. The possibilities are innumerable- good luck
Has anyone heard the Graaf GM20 OTL? I have heard good things about it. Also, how about border patrol?
Mechans - What is it that you like about the cary 211?
I also checked out the deHavilland audio gear and it looks very promising. Where can i hear this stuff around NYC? Again thanks for everything
A used pair Antique Sound labs 1009. Employs a pair of 845's at 60 watts/channel.
You might look at the Canary line of 300B p-p amps, especially the CA-301 stereo amp. I have the big brother monos, the CA-339, and I'm extremely impressed. 22 wpc, but the lower output impedance means thay'll drive 6 ohm speakers better than your average SET. The dynamics and purity of tone of these amps is really something to hear.
The VAC 30/30, purchased used, would likely be a smart choice. Top-notch build quality, very sophisticated sound, and far more powerful than the 32 watt/channel rating would suggest (it can drive a lot of speakers). The use of long-life 300B output tubes and automatic biasing of the tubes make it very easy to own (just turn it on and off -- that's it).

They are available used for a fraction of their very high new price because people don't know how good or how potent the amp is.

Good luck.
Raquel Well don't tell them how good they are then!!! otherwise the price will go up!!!
Manley NeoClassic 300b amplifiers which can be run in single ended or push/pull mode. They will make plenty of power in push/pull for 94db speaker. Nice looking things, too.