record storage?

Since I bought a Rega P2 my record collection has been growing. I need a decent way to store my records. I'm having a hard time finding anything on the net. I've looked at the Boltz racks and they look decent, but I'm cheap and if I'm going to part with a few hundred dollars I'd rather spend it on a new cartridge or even more records. Any ideas? thanks-matt
Try these from Tony's woodshop.
Apparently a lot of people on Audio Asylum like them.

Personally, I am probably going to go with the LP rack from Music Direct, as it has a higher WAF, and it is on wheels.
I use Ikea Corras tables about $30 a piece, they roll and with the shelf at the highest position can fit LPs perfectly*10144
Try these.
Check these out:

I'm very happy with them, they're modular so you can add to them, and they have wheels.
Lots of people report good success using the IKEA Bonde bookshelf units. These are 15" deep and each shelf is 14" wide so shelf-sagging under the weight of records is not a problem. Also, the width provides appropriately spaced vertical support for your records (a highly recommended design feature for record shelving no matter what you do). They come in heights of 58" (four shelves) and 86" (five shelves)

You can see a picture of a four shelf Bonde unit in use on Slipknot1's system page.

I'm using something very similar for storage of several thousand LPs here.
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Audio Advisor had a sale last month on the Billy Bags LP Storage Rack. They offered $200.00 off the list price, bringing the purchase price down to $949.00 w/free shipping. I decided to buy it. Yes-expensive for a storage rack, but it holds 1800 LPs and I refuse to get on my hands and knees to find a record on the lowest shelf of most LP storage racks. I put the box sets (opera, ect) on the bottom where they are easily seen and the records I use most often are at EYE LEVEL! Just like buying a VPI 17F record cleaning machine, you will enjoy the benefits of your purchase many years into the future. Nothing against the Boltz racks, but they will fill up in no time and you'll end up buying additional shelves as your collection grows. The Billy Bags Rack is a great solution in my opinion.
thanks for all your responses-I didn't even think to look at Ikea and the Gothiccabinets look good also
This Thanksgiving I constructed a set of IKEA Expedit shelves, 72" X 72" and I've never been happier. They weigh a ton but they hold about 2000 LPs each. No sagging. I'm going to buy 3 more units and I'm done!
Take a look at the following link:

I have ca. 1200+ records on this cabinet without cramming and is absolutely rock solid. There is no warping of the shelves or the cabinet. I also think the price is very reasonable. Putting it together was a 30 minute operation that I did by myself.

Best regards.
Sorry Ashra, my post duplicates your recommendation of the Expedit. I second your enthusiasm for this product.
The correct link is: (cut and paste the whole number)

Ashra is correct in 2000+ capacity for the large model.

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Ashra and Vvrinc, the IKEA Expedit shelving looks like a great solution for a large collection. Do you do anything with the backside of the Expedit to block the records from pushing out the rear? I'm thinking of how one would easily even out the spines of the LPs for viewing. (Assuming the shelving has some space to the wall due to floor molding.)

Rushton, you are just fabulous with those pictures, thank you.

Mine are against the wall and, even though slightly offset by the bottom molding, the LPs maintain a very uniform spine-line. Of course, I am also a BiiiiiiiT anal about those things comes easy to me. (I know, I know, there is medication but It gives me a rash.)

I did not put anything on the back of the cabinet since, after the cabinet is full of records, you don’t see the wall through the cabinet. What I like the most is the sturdiness of the thing and no warping to the shelves.

Best regards.
Thanks, Vvrinc. I'm so used to just pushing my lps against the back of the cabinet to get the spines aligned, I was wondering whether some backing would be needed on the open-back shelves to provide a similar backstop. On the bottom shelf of my cabinets (similar to the Bonde) I wanted the spines to be closer to the front edge of the shelf for easier visibility down low, so I ended up having to install a "spacer" to serve as a convenient backstop. That's what got me thinking about the open back on the Expedit.
Rushton, I am with you about the spines being close to the front of the shelves. I like them right at the lip for better visibility, since every LP I own is in a clear cover and that makes the spine a bit harder to read.

Your idea of the “spacer” is very attractive. It would make the process of inserting an LP in the shelf much easier. Thanks for the idea.

Best regards.

I was looking at your design, and thought, well, I spent a ton of money on closet design software, let's see what it will do. Actually I have to admit I never thought of it before seeing your drawing!

So, I put a sheving system on a wall, and left enough room for some electronics too. The main difference here is the use use 1" thick melemine, with a 3mm edgebanding and a back. That keeps my interior depth at 13 1/2". I like it a little deeper. And leaves enough room for 2000 lps, which means I can get my 1200 and a few books in there.

I can also use this system to get rid of a rack. I can take the center section & reinforce it with some 1" threaded rod (just because I have 1"), so holding the Teres shold not be a problem.

Excuse the goofy electronics. After all the software was really designed for closets & office systems. Now if I can talk my wife into turning the extra bedroom into a music room, I can stop worrying about building a rack.

The shelving doesn't quite have the exotic wood look I like, but may be much moe serviceable in the long run.

Rushton- I bought some white Masonnite in two peices and attatched them to the back of the unit. My records sit a little less than 3" from the front of the shelve but are all evenly spaced with spines visible. When you go to purchase the unit make certain you take a friend who is in good shape!
Joe, a damn impressive design! But then, seeing what you did with the Teres, it’s not a surprise. Congratulations.
Thanks for sharing the Masonite tip, Ashra. That's how my current shelving works, and it sounds like an easy add to the Expedit.

One additional comment on the IKEA Bonde solution: since these come in single width units, they are easy to fit in where space allows (rather than needing a large wall), and it would be easy to add to them as more space is needed. (Not to take anything away from the Expedit solution, of course.)
Good points Rushton,
As the "Bonde guy" in this thread, the nice thing about them other than their stable LP sized storage capabilities is their size and flexibilty. I currently have 3 units in my listening room, two flanking the window behind the listening position, and one by my racks. This one holds the Lps that are in the heaviest rotation for playing.
Thanks Vvrinc. Now all I have to do is get finished building some of this crap!
Better Homes and Gardens has a almost identical Cube organizer solution to the IKEA ones at half the cost. Each cube is a little bit more than 13 in  by 13 in  and 15 in deep . These can be bought at Walmart or Amazon.  I recently saw Walmart with a 16 Cube solution (4 x 4) for $100.