Record Stabilizer on a Suspension Table?

I have a Thorens TD-166 MkII with original Thorens arm. Although I am not adding to my vinyl collection, I do want to enjoy the LPs I already own, and would like to digitize them as well. Since many of my LPs are older, I thought a stabilizer or weight might help get the best results. Although the table is not on a high quality rack, the rack itself sits on my cement basement floor, so vibration control is less an issue than flattening out warped LPs.

My question is: How much wieght can I add the platter without negative affects on the speed, suspension and bearings? I was thinking of an inexpensive clamp like the Souther.

Also, I saw one record clamp that although lightweight (3 oz.), cautioned that "consideration" must be made when using the clamp with suspension 'tables. Why would a 3 oz. clamp be a problem?

Thanks in advance!
That's a problem. I can't imagine that adding enough weight to flatten a record won't adversely affect a suspended table.

A lightweight clamp is probably of the type that you push down to flatten the record and the clamp then grabs the spindle to stay in that position. It's not the weight of the clamp that is cause for concern, but the pushing down since you have to bottom out the suspension to get enough pressure on the record to flatten it.
Dear Bondmap: I agree with Herman. I think that more that a weight type clamp what you need is a reflex one like the Sota that is light weight and you don't need to push in a heavy way.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I would suggest that your records will sound better if you don't use any kind of
clamp. You might try something like the Souther but only to help with mildly
warped records. I bought one and think it only dulls the sound. I much prefer
the Herbies Way Excellent Turntable Mat to anything else I've tried, but if you're
into DIY, you might create a Spotmat (do a search in the Vinyl Asylum forum of
Audio Asylum). Or try the original Ringmat. Just some thoughts. Good luck,
there's no need for one..and they're a pain in the arse.
I've listen to a couple Rockport Sirius tables in my time and have never seen any type of record clamp. Some of the records have had slight warps and still been un-affected
Dear Pinestate: Rockport Sirius!!!!!!, here we are talking and trying to help Bondmap with his Thorens.

Anyway what you seen on the Sirius does not mean that a good clamp help to improve the quality sound reproduction even in a Rockport TT, no question about.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I had a Thorens TD 160 Super before I bought my current Oracle MKV. Way before, like when they sold them new, and I didn't have enough money for an Oracle. I took the spindle out of my Thorens and brought it to a machine shop and had them machine the spindle to accept the threaded Oracle clamp. It was cool..