Recommended SS AMP for under 1,000 Read on...

I am in need of a used SS 2-channel Amp to run my Martin Logan SL3 Electrostatics Speakers. It will be run by a Adcom GFP-750 Pre-amp so I will need a AMP w/balanced inputs.

If any of you that own electrostatics have any recommendations please let me know.

BTW: I owned a Adcom GFA-5500 which had a lot of balls but sounded to bright for the SL3. Thanks for you time!
Odyssey Stratos for $995. Very highly rated and powerful and fast.

Check out the reviews found at

Never heard this amp but never heard one negative thing about it. Only wonderful things.
Classe Audio DR8 or DR9, they come up used evey now and then and are an ideal with ML's.
Stretch a little for a Blue Circle BC22. ($1000 to $1250 used). Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle is a Martin Logan owner, and uses them to test his designs. Nice amp for the money. The BC22 can be run balanced or single ended (Has both inputs).
rotel is a pretty safe bet at these price points. good value can be had at over 200w per channel and I think you will find it smoother than adcom given my direct experience with both. good luck.
Sim Audio Celeste 4150. 150 watts. Excellent amp top to bottom! You can usaully find them between 850-1150 used. If you want even more thump, try a McCormick DNA-1. Just about the same price used, just a bit brighter in the highs. IMHO
For nine years I used B&K Sonata M200 mono blocks with Acoustat Spectra 33 electrostatic speakers. They are warm sounding with lots power. Looking back it was a very satisfying experience. I have seen the B&K’s for between $700.00 and $1000.00 used on the Net.
Aragon 4004 for $750 used. Dual mono, Dan D'Agostino design, built like a tank. Sounds very nice - killer bass - but plenty of high end. Excellent with softer tube pre like CJ PV-10.
Why not listen to the Adcom 5802. My husband owned a GFA- 555 and I also thought it was bright but the 5802 is in a completely different league. I do not own electrostatics but I do use the GFP-750 with a Sonic Frontiers front end with wonderful results. Just a Thought
I agree with Aslater. Aragon 4004, MKII if you can find one. I have a couple around here just for backup. Rated at 200w/8ohm and 400w/4ohm. A dual mono design that doubles down and should be available for under $800 used. Best bang for the buck.
I too agree with Aslater and Marchman with the Aragon 4004MKII. Nothing can touch it for under $1000.00 U.S. I picked one up for 400.00 U.S.-Unbelieveable deal. Superb Value. You would have to spend over $3000.00 U.S. to get any improvement and even then, it will be small.