Recommendations for Vintage Speakers

I’m currently looking to put together a vintage system and am wondering what a good pair of full range, floor standing speakers would be. They would be powered by a Pioneer SX-1250. I listen to a very wide range of music, a lot of live Grateful Dead, Classic Rock, Metal, But also enjoy Jazz and even a little Big Band music once in a while. Thanks for your help!
DCM Time Windows 1A. Better sounding than any of the above (except the Snell AIII - which I also have). I am now on my third pair of TW’s. First pair bought in 1977, second pair in ’78, last pair bought 2 years ago. Cost $219 + shipping in like-new condition from Ebay. Serial nos. 52779, 52780 (late production). Truly a world-beating speaker with near-perfect pulse and time response! NOT a box speaker. Prism-shaped floor-standers! And amplifier-friendly!
I looked up the Time Windows. Apparently opinions on the DCM Time Windows are mixed. Steve owned Bose 501s at the time and still wasn't impressed.
EPI / EPICURE / Genesis, or ADS speakers I find very pleasing as far as vintage goes.
@helomech: Bob Carver liked the TW's! I will trust his opinion any day over Guttenberg's - who worked at that snooty audio store in NYC (Sound By Singer).
What is meant by 'vintage'? Are Snell Bs old enough to be vintage? IMO they were the best speaker Snell made. They go down to 22Hz and are easily driven with 60 watts, although I found 200 watts to be a bit better :)

One a budget the older KLH speakers are very nice if you get one of the bigger models.

But one problem you will run into with vintage speakers from the 50s,60s,70s and 80s is breakups, which contribute to harshness. The KLH speakers I mentioned have a problem with this in their tweeters- you push them, they get harsh. But if you're unconcerned with keeping them original, there are newer tweeters like ribbons that have far better performance. Of course you may be spending more to fix that problem than you spent for the speakers themselves...

BTW the kind of music you like has nothing to do with whether the speaker will be appropriate or not. The requirements a speaker needs to be good at rock are exactly the same as what it needs to be good at classical or folk.