Vintage Marantz SM7/SC7 advice

Hi folks,
Need your advice: I have the chance to buy the following vintage Marantz system, and would like to know what you think about it:

SM7 amplifier;
SC7 preamp;
Esotec ST-5 tuner
EQ-20 equalizer
SD-8000 cassette deck

Being offered all of this for $3,000.

The SM7 is a beast: 200 watts a channel; would this be too powerful for my speakers, which are B&W 805's? (I don't blast my music....I'm mainly a jazz/classical guy....)

I like Marantz a lot....; currently own the SR7005 av receiver, which I bi-amp with my speakers.

Any advice you folks have would be greatly appreciated.

You understand that the operational value of vintage items depends a lot on the condition of said items...

Having said that:

1) IIRC the amp is around 150W / channel and a good piece. It preceded the "esotec" of the same name which was considered by some as inferior (why? I don't remember...).
Nothing will happen to your speakers, btw, if you drive them with a SM7:) They will be happy.

2) The preamp: it has a very versatile phono. Not only that, but it sounds good too -- as far as I can remember.

3) Esotec St5 tuner: I have no opinion but a friend uses a ST-8 which is superb.

The rest is probably thrown in for free...

So, if this were new gear, I'd say go for it. But it's used & around 40 yrs old SO, my (not necessarily sacrosanct) advice is to ask for a slightly lower price. You're not a collector after all!
Thank you for your response; the price was lowered to $1500 for the amp and preamp; I'm considering it....
I currently have an Arcam Alpha 9 power amp and intergrated amp, which I bi-amp with my B&W 805's. I am a real bi-amping fan; the SM-7 has a sub-speaker bank and I'm wondering if I can bi-amp with the unit.

I enjoy Marantz; I currently have an SR7005 for my AV system; it is very musical and I bi-amp my front speakers, which sound great.

Thanks again for your input,
$ 1.5k for the amp-pre combo looks good on paper!