Recommendation for 3' USB cable from ultraRendu to Ayre DX-5 DSD

The ultraRendu with be on Ethernet provided by a Google MESH network and pass USB to the Ayre DX-5 DSD.  Files will be from Qobuz and Tidal, downloaded, or ripped via Roon.  Looking for recommendations for cables suitable for such a setup.


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do you currently have a usb cable already ?      if so, why not buy that same usb cable again ?
Switched from a Audioquest carbon to a basic cable I had laying around and there was no descerable difference.    Still have the cheap cable in place.
Another vote for Monoprice and specifically their Monolith USB.

See the Monolith USB report by Duster on Audio Asylum.

I found it delivered better sound than a very fine Oyaide d+ neo Class A USB that itself was favorably reviewed by Karl Schuster for The Absolute Sound.

Don’t let the ridiculously low price for the Monolith USB dissuade you from trying it.

I highly recommend the DH Labs Mirage USB cable.  I purchased it for a second system I have, but found it's so good, I now use it on my main system, instead of my Nordost Heimdall USB cable, which is 3x the cost.  I've done an a/b and they're very close, but I give the Mirage the edge.  It opens up the music more.  I also purchased a AES/EBU cable from them with similar results.