Stream box s2 ultra vs sonore ultrarendu

Looking to replace my Squeeze Box Touch and narrowed my streamer choice between these two. Will be connected to my Oppo 105. While I hate to be limited to USB, these seem to fit my budget. Any first hand experience between the two? If Pushed I guess I could stretch and pick the Bryston BDP Pi which would give me some additional flexibility by adding SPDIF, and TOSLINK) . Is the Bryston significantly better? TIA. BTW, using Roon downloaded to my iMac dot the time being
I looked at the Bryston and the Project Stream box s2 ultra.   There weren’t many reviews on the Bryson but the Project had many favorable and a couple of product awards.   So I tried the Project and with a 30 day trial I could return for the Bryston at a much higher cost.    The S2 performed very well and added internet radio as well.
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