Receiver Connections

This may sound silly, but I don't have a clue how to connect my Denon 3803 receiver to the TV and PS2, basically I want need to know what goes where.

Your question is much too broad. There are many types of TV connections. The most basic uses vid out or monitor out -> Vid in on the TV. It is usually yellow RCA connector. This is also the lowest quality. S-video followed by Component video and HDMI are higher variants that require associated cabling. You may or may not have these depending on your equipment. Audio is typically red for right and black for left. Audio connections can be digital also. This is usually single RCA or fiber optic connection. You may need to program the unit to tell it which one you are using. L/R audio might be used from a VCR where digital will come from Sat box or DVD player to the Denon. The Denon will process the audio and output it L/R or in 5.1 surround.

The PS-2 would have similar connections. You will probably put it on a aux input.

good luck
You're right Steuspeed and thanks for your reply.

I have an old Sony Wega that has audio IN and OUT plus a video in that can be S-Video and the regular white and red, I do not have component.

I don't have VCR, just a DVD and PS2 to plug into the TV and/or receiver.

Which cables should I take from the TV to the receiver ?

Any help ?
This should be easy for you guys.

You could run s-video from both the ps2 (if it has this option ) and you dvd player to the denon. One to dvd input, and the other to the tv or sat input. Run another s-video cable from the monitor/tv out to your tv. Connect a digital connection such as coax or optical to your denon from the dvd. You may have to set the video to sync with the correct digital connection. See the link below, this is how the video should work on the denon-

Email me if you have any questions.