Reasonbly priced processor w. balanced outputs?

I have some studio monitors which have built-in dual amps in each monitor, and I am planning to use them to do a small HT setup with. This means I have to take the output of the processor quite a ways at line level, for which I figure balanced is best. Also happens, my monitors want balanced inputs. Anyone know of a reasonably priced (<$2K) used or new processor that has balanced outputs on all channels?

The only one that i know for sure that offers this is the Sunfire Theater Grand. You can find the originals for well under $2K and the Mk II's for somewhere right around there on the used market. Others may have that feature, but none of them i have used did. I'm sure that others will chime in with some suggestions though. Sean
My Sim Audio Attraction has balanced outs for all 5 channels + sub, however, it will be closer to $4k used- might be out of your range...
Check out the Anthem AVM-2. The new AVM-20 may be out of your specified price range.
The Integra Research RDC-7 has balanced outs of all 7 channels, but it costs around U$4k. As Dig recommended, the Anthem AVM-20 also have balanced for all 7 channels and sells for around 3k. The Aragon Soundstage has balanced outupts (this is a 5.1 processor unlike the others that are 7.1) and received great reviews for its 2-channel music performance. It also costs around 4k.
I'll second the motion for the Anthem AVM-2. This piece is quite versatile and the tuner sounds terrific. Check it out at I send mine to the MCA5 balanced to a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i's and it's a wonderful match. Now if I could only afford the ML Descent...