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How about using a Denon AVR5800 with Martin Logans
You must try InnerSound ESL Amplifier. It's outstanding!IMO no receiver will be able to handle the low impedance of the Aerius i and I may add that not all amplifiers will do so either. I had B&K Reference 7250 5 ch amplifier and was very sati... 
EAD TheaterMaster 8000p vs Integra Research RDC-7
Thanks guys. I've just closed the deal on the Integra and will be sending it to the latest upgrade (THX Ultra 2, new bass management...). I hope I enjoy the Integra as much as you do. 
Need recommendations on the following processors
I was in your position a couple of months ago and decided to get the Integra Research RDC-7. Great review in both music and movie. The best upgrade program (together with Tag) that I ever heard of. They are shipping with DTS-ES, Pro Logic II, Neo.... 
Balanced XLR cables suggestions
Thank you all. I didn't realized that Innersound made cables. I guess I will try the Innersound because of their very resenable prices and because I just love their amps (so I hope they have the same quality on cables).Thanks again... 
Integra Research as DAC - Can I use any cd transp
Are the Sony available with silver faceplate or only in black? All my gear is silver so I would like to get with silver faceplate if possible. I never saw any silver megachanger though. 
DVP 9000ES Mods? Worth the money?
Does any of the mods resolve the chroma bug issue? 
Integra Research as DAC - Can I use any cd transp
I would prefer to get a Mega changer. Sony offers the CDP-M55ES ($700) and the CDP-M333ES ($600) which are 400 disc-changers. What do you think of these units? Will they be good transports for my purpose? I would also like to have some kind of int... 
Reasonbly priced processor w. balanced outputs?
The Integra Research RDC-7 has balanced outs of all 7 channels, but it costs around U$4k. As Dig recommended, the Anthem AVM-20 also have balanced for all 7 channels and sells for around 3k. The Aragon Soundstage has balanced outupts (this is a 5.... 
Integra Research RDC-7 Lack if bass management?
I'm almost getting a RDC-7 but didn't know it lacks bass management! I thought the drawback was that it has a fixed crossover at 80Hz. Are you saying that the RDC does not have bass management for the 5.1 analog inputs or it does not have bass man... 
New Aragon Stage One Pre/Pro - Should I wait?
I just got an email from one of the Aragon's dealers saying that it will not have balanced outputs! Too bad, at 4k I think it should have. The AVM 20 has it for around 3k. Considering that balanced inputs were one of the features I'm looking for i... 
Help needed to make processor decision.
There is not much available at klipsch web site on the new Aragon Stage One (there is no indication if it will have balanced outputs). Is it the successor of the Soundstage? How can I get more information on this unit? I'm also looking for a new P... 
Martin logan need a good HT mate
Check out the Innersound Electrostatics Amplifier. They are designed to drive electrostatics and its low Ohms. I've just got mine to drive ML Aerius i and they are awsome! Incredible sound and great bass! I strongly recommend you audition one befo... 
Help needed to make processor decision.
Mnhgolf,Did you buy the new Stage One 7.1 Channel Pre/Pro? Does it have balanced outupts? How does it sounds? 
Innersound ESLs Amplifier
Monoblocs suggested retail price: $2995 
Which AV processors have an analog pass-thru?
The Anthem AV20 also has analog bypass.