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this is a stereo I have put together from used pieces, as I do not wish to jerk around I am looking for advice on what my next upgrade should be, I will probably buy used but I am not totally oppsed to buying new, my system------> Sony 7700 (as transport), Illuminations D60, CAL Alpha, Kimber select 1010, Audio Research LS-9, Kimber Hero, Golden Tube SE40, Kimber BiFocal L, Castle Severn 2-----> any recommendations helpful, if you have found that some of these components do not work well togehter let me know as I do not have the experience to know better, I just figured this system would sound better for the money than buying a system for retail.
Ditch the GT SE40; there are many better amps out there, like the Rogue Audio 88, for example.
yeeeaaaahh baby, Oopp, I'm in the wrong spot. I thought this was another thing. System looks great though.
Upgrade the tubes in the DAC if you have not done so already. Do a search on the AA site for specifics for your unit, or perhaps someone will pitch in here.
I'm with Plato on this one. I had GT se40's running as monoblocks and upgraded to Rogue m-120's . No comparison. The se40s have a loose flabby bass and the top end lacks detail. The Rogues made the flaws in the se40s very apparent. I've heard a lot of good things about the 88's also. The other thing about Rogue is their excellent customer support. Can't get any support from Golden Tube anymore.
Dudes- Golden Tube has a nice little secret. Its their 300B monoblocks. Once (highly) modified, they are 7 watts of bliss. Mated with a good bass amp in a bi-amping situation, tough to beat. However, having said that, I agree, forget about support. You gotta know someone who can fix 'em...
thanks for the info I will check out the Rogues
Do YOU like how your system sounds? If you think the bass is flabby, then you could add a powered sub, and remedy that. If you think it needs to be more transparent, then upgrade the tubes, in both the preamp, and the DAC. You have a system, capable of producing fine sound, with proper setup. So if it sounds fine to YOU, then it is fine.
I agree with Dekay, the Alpha is very sensitive to tube change. Using triple mica, black plate RCA 5751s I get a very dynamic hi-fi sound, which I prefer when watching movies. For music I opt for my Mullard 12AX7 longplates and their magcal midrange.
once again, thanks for the info, my original post was suppose to say I do not want to jerk around a dealer as I intend on buying used. I switched the tubes in my Alpha to Mullard cv4004, I like the sound better but they don't have the speed and transparency of the cheap chinese tubes.

Fletchj, I can only compare my sound to my previous system, my current system is a little flabby in bass which I figured is a fault of my amp, I have a pair of Quicksilver mini monos on the way to try out, I do not have a sub because I'm an apartment dweller and do not always have the space to set it up, not to mention I have trouble getting them to sound right. If these new amps don't do the trick I will probably return to solid state amps as I enjoy their speed, dynamics and transparency, btw the LS-9 is solid state, thanks for help, mike
It's a rare solid state pre-amp that works with a tube amp. Keep the Mini-Mites, lose the LS-9 and get a tube pre-amp. The fact that you like the Chinese tubes is certainly cause for concern. Like I said earlier try some good 5751s, you'll get the speed and transparency you seek. With the LS-9 and tube amp you most likely have impedance issues that will make any evaluation somewhat less then valid.