Basic question. I need a radio for the kitchen to listen to local NPR stations and some music. I like good sound so I want it to sound as good as these things can. I went through Sangean and Tivoli. Each was great for about a year then broke down and now I am looking for a replacement that I would not have to throw out so soon. FM only and Mono is fine. Bluetooth, preferable. thanks



I have a Tivoli with a their subwoofer in my kitchen. Fortunately it has not broken, but its Bluetooth / wifi connection has not been reliable. If I was looking… i’d be asking the same question.

I like my wife’s Boston Acoustics Receptor table radio. Maybe a bit too mellow to please dyed-in-the-wool audio tastes but clear, undistorted and very nice to listen to. It totally outclasses the radio at my side of the bed.

The answer used to be an RCA Superadio but this might be today's choice. 




Personally, I’ve been using a Bose Wave Radio for that task for many a year. Never had an issue and great sound for what it is.