.R.I.P. Don Cornelius

Yes, rest in peace. One thing about today's world, you find out faster than ever when well known people pass away. I had not thought of him for years. I remember many years ago walking down the corridor of the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills hotel (used to live in CA), and walking in the other direction was Don Cornelius. That was a treat! These days, you pull up a web page, see a face, and instantly think, uh-oh is he dead? And sure enough it's true. I just wonder what was wrong with him... a self-inflicted gun shot? No idea of course what goes on in the lives of others. But, he was 75 years old... could it have been psychological problems (dementia), money problems, health problems? Sad... Can't help but think of The Soullllll Train! Saw that show so many times growing up. That show and Don Cornelius were famous around the world... A friend from Nigeria told me that even in Africa he remembers people looking forward to getting up Saturday morning and watching Soul Train on tv.
Health was a huge factor.
I grew up watching Soul Train, it was must watch TV back then. I hope his family is ok, my sincere sympathy goes to them.
he was cool before Link Hayes of the Mod Squad was cool. He was the original Super Fly,the original pimp of the soul sound. It used to amaze me on Soul Train when he introduced the band,no matter who it was,no matter how big or popular they were they had respect for him. Rip in Peace Don

I was there, but there ain't there no more.

Where is "there"? "There", is a state of mind that no longer exists.

I was in LA on the strip, I was in Chicago listening to Ahmad Jamal at "Ricks" on North Shore Drive, I was in Atlanta on Peachtree Street, when Atlanta was the most fabulous city I had ever been to. I partied up and down Grand Blvd. in St. Louis; but "there" ain't there no more. There is no "there" nowhere.

When I looked at those kids dancing on "Soultrain", it reminded me of a time when "there" could be a multitude of places.

"There" is where people are free, happy, and having a good time.

I saw with my own eyes the D-heads ruin it for everybody, and they did it intentionally. We are in a "depression", and Don Cornelius's suicide is just another symptom of that depression.
He was also going through a very nasty divorce too,that may have been part of his worries also.