RIP Cornelius Bumpus

Saxophone blower extraordinare!

For those who had not heard Cornelius Bumpus died of a heart attack on the way to a show on Tuesday. Anyone who had heard him play knows that the music world has suffered a great loss.

He was an original member of the Doobie Brothers, a session musician for a variety of folks, and was a member in the last two Steely Dan touring groups. I saw him last summer with the Dan and he was, as always, excellent. Cornelius was from the Bay Area so I also had the fortunate chance to see him on numerous occasions in clubs and other venues - what a loss!
4yanx, sorry to learn about "any" musician passing.

I was not aware of Mr. Bumpus or his artistry before and wonder if you could suggest releases where he is spotlighted so I can become acquainted with his work.

Thank you.
I wondered what happened to him after the Dobbie's. Like Vvrinc, I am saddened whenever a great artist dies.
Vvrinc, Cornelius had three solo LP's; A Clear View (1982), Beacon (1984), and Known Fact (2000). He was also in a reformed Moby Grape in the 80's, played as studio musician with a number of artitst, but loved most live performances. He toured with the Dan and Boz Scaggs, among others. He is featured on Donald Fagen's Kamakiriad and is the tenor saxist on Alive in America.

There is a website which contains some more information, a poignant letter on the opening page, and a partial discography:
To get a great look at Cornelius....pick up the Steely Dan DVD Two Against Nature. What a cool guy. He will be sorely missed.
Hey 4Yanx,

I am not familiar with Cornelius' body of work, but I can tell you he was not an original member of The Doobie Brothers. His first work with them was a stint from '79-'82.
May he rest in peace.
You are correct Jsonic, I mistakenly used the "original" desciptor. Bumpus, like most of the other Doobies are from San Jose and Santa Cruz and they all played together informally before and after the Doobies were formed. You are right, though, he wasn't a formal member until later. As a side note, the picture of the unfinished bridge you can see with Highway 1 in the background on the cover of "Captain and Me" looks much different today!
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