"warm " full rangespeakers ,II

Still looking for suggestion on warm full range floor standing speakers. No vandersteens. Must have Greatmid/lower bass output, 90DB sens. Have large room to fill.
Considering Aerial T10 or LR5 w/sub?, Hales 8?, dynaudio 3.3?, JM Lab 920.1 w/sub? Others or are These a good start.
please comment
I don't think that most of these folks would consider the Hales or the JM Labs to be on the "warm" side. I'm sure that they are not bad speakers but just aren't appropriate candidates for that category. Sean
i think *any* speaker w/a pair of *real* subwoofers offers the best bang for the buck in approaching true hi-end loudspeaker sound.

re: warm speakers, not *my* 1st choice at their price-points, but the meadowlarks *are* nice, & warm-sounding...

Jm Reynaud or Silverline speakers if you have a budget over $5K. I own smaller Reynauds and have only heard about the larger models by word of mouth. I can audition the Reynauds locally but am afraid to do so:-) I have auditioned the Silverline's and they are very nice indeed.
The Aeriels are great when paired with an amp like Classe'. They are very "warm", but have no lack of high end detail.
I'd recommend that you checkout the Coincident Speaker Technology Eclipse or Super Eclipse speakers. Easy load to drive, efficient and great sound for the money. Goodluck.
Soliloquy 6.3,Believe me now or believe later!
No such thing as a warm full range speaker that is not fairly large.
Try Swans Diva 5.1 or 6.1..very efficient as the 5.1s have a 4ohm load and can be bi-wired.Very warm but not at all bloated..incredible build quality and can be purchased direct from AV123.com/perpetual tech..great company with woderful "real" people service.
In response to the "are these a good start" question, while I own Aerial 10Ts, I would not recommend them if you must have a high sensitivity speaker. The published sensitivity is 86dB, and although I do not know this to be fact, the value may be for a 4 ohm load. If true, 83dB would be the 8 ohm sensitivity. In either case, they are mid to low sensitivity speakers. This issue aside, IMHO they fill both a large listening space (high power and current amps should be considered) and your other requirements.