"Media Mail"cheap but faulty system?

I try to offer the most economical way to ship music materials like cds, lps via media mail but because of the very slow delivery, buyers get too frustrated and puts the blame on the seller .
do you have similar experiences from audiogon buyers?
the difference in price with Media Mail vs Priority is so miniscule, id never offer it. media mail also take extra long and has more handlers who can do damages.
I don't have a problem with seller using media mail as long as it's up front and I am not being charged for first class mail. I get pissed when I pay $4 for shiping and it arrives 2 weeks later via media mail and the postage on it is only $1.
I couldn't agree more with "Just Listen". In operation, Media Mail is a relatively expensive, inefficient, and non-productive service alternative. I have had experiences where packages have taken 7 or 8 weeks to arrive. Given the choice, I will never use "media rate".
I think you guys are being a little hard on media mail. I have sent over 700 parcels by media mail and have gotten by and large very good results. Average delivery time is about a week but it is dependent on the distance traveled. I've had many items delivered in 3-4 days. It is only a day or two slower than 1st class mail. Yes occasionally something is unduly delayed but I'll wager you all have horror stories about 1st class and priority mail as well. I've had priority mail take over a week. As far as the price difference goes it is substantial. Up to one lb. on media rate is $1.33 versus $3.50 for priority. The gap widens as the weight goes up. The one thing that appears in my eBay feedback more than any other is fast delivery. About 95% of them sent by media mail. For me it is an effective, inexpensive alternative to priority mail and UPS.
I have yet to experience poor results using media mail as a buyer for smaller record packages. The times and condition have all been OK. No complaints, but not a ton of purchases so far, either.