McIntosh MC2105 speaker connections faulty

I just bought a McIntosh MX112 and MC2105 amp. They appear to be in 8-9 condition. I have hooked up the speakers. The left speaker hookup is intermittent when I tighten the 8 ohm connection. When I back off the screw it works. However the right connection I am getting nothing. Any tips on wiring these. I am used to the banana plug configurations which make for easy speaker hook up.

Thanks Jeff
The 8Ohm speaker terminal may be loose inside chassis. All you need is open chassis and tighen up the speaker terminal(s)
It ended up the screws were shorting on the back plate (too long replacements) Easy repair was to shorten screws 3/8ths vs half inch. But the right meter is not working. New meter or a transistor bad?
Can't tell unless you can swap VU meter terminals to see if the bad one would work off the left channel and vice versa.