"Classic Yes" album question...

I remember the vinyl version of this album had a 45 included with two extra songs- live versions of "Roundabout" and "I've seen all good people".

These two extra songs are not listed on the cd version. Would anyone know where or on which album these two songs appear so I can buy it?

Thanks in advance.
Could it be the versions from Yessongs (3 LP live set)?
These are they only two older versions of these songs I know of.
check this site (or ones it links too) for a possoble answer. forgottenyesterdays.com
They are on the Classic Yes compilation CD, re-mastered by Joe Gastwirt. I'm not sure it's still available. "Roundabout" was recorded in Oakland 1978, and "I've Seen All Good People" was recorded at Wembley in 1978.
I've never heard of any Yes album (vinyl record) including a 45.. sounds interesting... BTW I like the live Roundabout on Yessongs better.. even though it's a lousy recording.
Ps: I'd like to hear a Yes fan and audiophile comment on the new "Fragile" vinyl pressing (forgot which label's doing it...) compared say, to the original plum-label Atlantic UK pressing (which is what I have).
Stick with your original pressing! Cheers,
Xiekitchen, here is a photo of the actual 45 of these two live songs that accompanied the Classic Yes vinyl album. Just so people don't think I'm crazy...LOL!!!!!

...and here is the Wikipedia write-up of the album-

"Originally released as a single LP with a bonus 7-inch 33 1/3 RPM disc featuring live versions of "Roundabout" and "I've Seen All Good People" from 1978, everything has been compiled onto one handy CD. It was taken out of circulation by 2003."
Both these songs were originally on separate album releases. However, you can get both on Yes greatest hits cd. J & R music has this cd for $6.99.

Is it just my LP copy or is “Fragile” a horribly bright, lousy sounding recording?
If you have the U.S. pressing, then yes, it's harsh and full of distortion. IF you can find a U.K. pressing on the original "plum" label U.K. atlantic, That is the pressing to get. Treble is now in balance with everything else, and overloaded harshness is markedly gone. These U.K. pressings of Fragile are hard to get though.
Thanks for clarifying that. Yes, my US pressing is just shy of unlistenable.... We Have Heaven and Cans and Brahms, for example, sound full of clipping distortion, and Roundabout is full of spitty, ragged sibilants. It's as if nobody listened to the thing before shipping it. How's the CD, then?
Do you know the catalogue number of the UK pressing? And how is the Mobile Fidelity pressing?
None of the Yes recordings from the 70's were "audiophile" quality. They sounded OK, but not great. I thinkt hey were more interested in the music rather than the sonics.

>>None of the Yes recordings from the 70's were "audiophile" quality<<


"Fragile" and "The Yes Album" are wonderful.
If your copy is "unlistenable" I suggest you have a tonearm/cartridge alignment problem or mismatched components.

Using a number of tonearm and cartridge combinations here, the passages you cite track perfectly and without sibilance.

If your copy is a reissue, that's a different story as most of them suck. If it's an original issue, see my opening comments.

I doubt that's the case. The cartridge is brand new, and the arm, cartridge and 'table were just refurbished by SOTA at the factory. Lots of other albums sound great. I think this is just a really crappy pressing. It's also a very old copy...
I have to agree with audiofeil on this. My copies of the US pressing of fragile and the yes album don't sound anything like Rebbi describes. The only "every copy is crappy" Yes album I know of is Relayer. But even so, the music is wonderful.

New cartridge, new tonearm, etc. alone are not going to ensure the best playback. It is all in the setup.
I just picked up a CD copy so I can compare.
>>I just picked up a CD copy so I can compare<<



Have fun.