Quick poll: Rega RP6 or Marantz TT-15 ?

I am a little torn between the two choices.

I would like opinions on those two tables if you have any experience (or even a hunch with no direct experience!)

I would be using the stock cartridges for awhile ( Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood for the Marantz and Exact 2 for the RP6).

The Rega of course comes with the external PSU and dust cover and this alone is very tempting. Also the fact the the motor-belt is hidden (from a practical point of view)

Then again, the design of the Marantz (which is actually a Clearaudio product mainly) is beautifull and the tonearm is pretty appealing.

For the sound, I have no experience with either...

So, whad'ya think ?
I love my RP6. I don't like Rega cartridges check my posts for more details. I don't like the Marantz look and I have not heard it.
I only have experience with the Marantz TT -15. This TT got me back into vinyl big time. I had forgotten have great records sounded. I never had any problems with this TT. My only problem with it was that it made me want to get even more into analog. I upgraded to a VPI Classic 1 and then to a Classic 3 but I still miss the Marantz.
The Rega RP6 with Dynavector DV-20X2 MC Cart.
Had the Marantz with the Virtuoso and now the Rega with an Ortofon MC cart. The RP6 is much better sound wise.
Well, since I cannot audition the Marrantz TT-15, and after some time researching it, I am inclined to take the plunge and just buy one for the following reasons:

1) The Clearaudio Satisfy tonearm is also used with some pretty expensive and well-reviewed Clearaudio 'tables that are in a significant higher bracket than both the RP6 and TT-15. I mean, it must be pretty good given this fact.

2) The fact that VTA cannot be adjusted on the Rega(other than with spackers) bothers me more than I expected.
Although I intend to use the stock cartrige with any of those tables, I hate the idea of fiddling with spacers instead of turning a couple of screws.

3) Parts quality and their combined price seem to make for an outstanding value in my opinion.

4) Looks count for me, and as much as I want to like the Rega RP6, it just seems more of a standard table. I know that a lot of engineering want into it, but somehow that visible swiss-cheeese bracket on top bothers me a bit. I do not question the functionabilty, but it looks like something used to correct a design flaw, although I am convinced that it is not, but sure looks it to me.

I think those 2 tables are fantastic performers, but I will probably side with the ''Clearaudio'' Marantz package.

Sound quality of course in crucial, but I expect both to be overkill and sound very nice.

I had considered the Traveler, but after what I found out with the first generations's problems and the troublesome tonearm, I dedided to pass on it.
1.The tonearm on the RP6 is also great
2.There are so many VTA adjusters for the rega
3.The rega arm is also made of high quality materials
4.No comment for looks it is strictly personal choice

Good luck :-)

Ended-up getting the "Marantz Acrylic Spectacular"!

Very, very nice. Sounds great so far, no issues.

It occurred to me that I could make it a bit more of the eye candy it already is by using some inexpensive LED lighthing to shine through the light-conducting acrylic platter.

Does not improve sound, but what a conversation piece...looks beautifull at night. As with my other gear, (Sonus Faber, Pathos) LOOKS COUNT although of course not the main criteria.
Marantz TT-15 in my system. Thank you for your input. A very nice table, arm and cartridge. I couldn't ask for more at the price. Lovely looks and sound, and surprisingly quiet too. A great package overall, no regrets, just music!