Question to play 24 bits files ??

Hi guys,
I have a friend that has a lot of audio files in 24 bits. He will be able to transfer them to an external hard drive for me. I have a PC with window media player which I believe isn't able to reach 24 bits. I will also need a DAC but since I don't have any idea how to to do it, I would like some of you give me some advice, reference or idea about how to do it. Do I need an special media player ?? Software?? Program ?? Please, explain me.
Thanks a lot,
I have a friend going through the same thing. He bught a Burson HA160d DAC and is using windows until he gets his Mini Mac.
He likes the DAC very well, but he's frustated with the learning curve of the computer music.
There are some very good programs out there for downloading High Rez music, I'm not to up on it but you will get help on the type of programs that are best.
I wish you luck. Have fun.
What file format are the 24 bit audio files in? Windows Media Player does support 24 bit audio. It does not support all hi-res file types. FLAC is not supported without the addition of a plug-in.
you don't want to utilized Windows Media Player as your playback software. use JRiver software to playback files...the PC audio people use that alot....go to the Computer Audiophile website and also Well Tempered Computer website....all your questions will be answered.
Does your friend have the legal right to transfer the files to you? Is he the copyright holder of the material or does he have permission from the copyright holder?
As long as he doesn't sell them to him there is no legal issue.
Onhwy61 - you sure are a busybody. The guy asks a legitimate question and you give him the RIAA 3rd Degree. back off, Buckwheat...

As for the OP's original question, Foobar2000 will do what you want. It is a FREE media player and has tons of support and plug-ins to extend its capabilities.

What happens if Audiogon gets known as a site that encourages, enables or otherwise abets in illegal copyright thievery? What happens if the RIAA or its cohorts try to make an example of Audiogon? Will the non-busybody members of Audiogon then be happy?

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This is a learning site. We paid for the music on vinyl, repaid for lousy CD's, and pay again? No thanks. The record companies make all the money mainly, not the artist. That's why they (the big ones) keep buying more smaller ones. What's next, pay radio? []