Question on Speakers...KEF R700 or Forte III's?

generally speaking, sound quality and sound stage, imaging, what have you..... whats going to sound better in a smaller room, 12x13 driven with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium.....Source, Tidal, LP's primarily,

Can I get some opinions please?
I have Forte 1s in a 12x15 room driven by a McIntosh MA6200.  While I adore the sound, they can be like driving a muscle car in a congested suburb.  I have never heard the R700s so I don't know how they would do in that space.  

As far as imaging goes, I've found that the Fortes don't do the kind of "imaging" where the drummer can be placed at the right rear of the rhythm guitarist, who's standing to the left of the vocalist.  What they do remarkably well is capture the excitement and energy of a live performance.  (At worst, they can be a little bright and forward: I've found warmly-voiced SS equipment like McIntosh or tubes help to tame that edge).  They are great fun to listen to and have plenty of detail for quartet jazz, chamber music or solo guitar: because they're efficient you will have no problem with capturing the dynamic range of bigger works either.

Forte needs some room away from wall.... even in a larger room
your room is going to mess w dynamics so I would be inclined to recommend going down line to Heresy or get the KEF
both have virtues but you are comparing salmon to apples....
for higher efficiency snap! Paired well with your amp consider a Devore

have fun !!!!
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I couldn't use Klipsch (La Scalla II) with a Prima Luna Prolouge Premium integrated. Got a pronounced hum which could be heard 12 feet away. Make sure to test for this before you buy (I lost many hundreds when I sold the PL).
Those are two really different speakers....   I have owned several KEF over the years and they have been great, but I did a 180 last year and replaced my Revel M106 with a pair of Heresy III.    The Klipsch paired with my 40 watt Quicksilver monos proved to be an awesome combination.   The Forte is great but I needed something that can go close to the wall and was a little smaller.