Do you guys think I would have any issues using a pair of Martin Logan Source Electrostatic  with my Mcintosh MC 275 IV ans MrIntosh C220 tube amp/pre amp? 
  You have some very fine McIntosh units. Your speakers are rated at 5 ohms, dipping to l.6 ohms at 20,000 hz. Your speakers are also recommended to have an amp that delivers from 20 watts to 400 watts. I also have a McIntosh front end and use them to drive ML Summit X's. Even in my large listening room, the amp never goes above 20 watts per channel. Unless you live in a frat house or something, you have more than enough power for the Sources. Someone may tell you that you're going to get a rolled off high end but I am using a McIntosh C2300 tube preamp and a MC2205 amp, and am getting great sound through the Summit X's. 
FWIW, IMHO, even given the importance of matching your electronics to your speakers,  matching the speakers to your room, as well as their set up requjirement  is of equal or greater importance. Planners and electrostats require room placement, different from box speakers, that is not feasible in many rooms either because of physical restraints or visual impediments. 

You have good enough electronics (IMHO) to drive most speakers adequately, but I suspect from the manner in which you are selecting your speakers you may have done little to no research on room matching and set up and may set your self up for disappointment when you get them home and try to set them up. For example to get that 'great sound' stage you are going to have to get them out about (at least) 5ft into the room and that is where the process starts. They usually do much better in a large room.

I have no information on your situation upon which to base any recommendation.

 If you care to provide the dimensions of your room, the locations of doors and windows, a description of its furnishings,  a few comments on where you would propose to place the speakers, your budget, what kind of music you will primarily be listening to, and as how/where you will be listening, I could probably give you a few thoughts.

This supports newbee's suggestion. Certainly not "the rule" but effective.
Any other detail probably a speaker forum topic

   I have my Summit X's about five feet from the back wall, flanking a fireplace and about seven feet or so apart. Every room is different; experimentation as to placement is critical.