Quatro Wood setup help

I'm looking for audio tech in San Francisco Bay Area who familiar to set up Vandersteen Quatro Wood specially its room correction function in my home space. Any advise will be appreciated. 

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IF having read manual ( available free at Vandersteen website ) you find this a bit daunting I can walk you thru it. You will need some tools that total less than $100. You will also need a Vandertones CD or free download.

Call Richard or Nathan at factory and they might know a SF area tech. I am in Carlsbad.
Thanks following up with me! I will wish you are here.
I did read manual, and ordered Laser Distance Measure, and sound meter, still waiting for them to arrive.
i can walk you thru it on phone.Send me a PM with contact info
best to you
we will get them sounding fantastic 

@zensview. Congratulations on the choice of fine speakers.  Once you get them set up correctly you are in for some fine sounds.  Good Luck!🎼